Pixie For Older Ladies

Stylish pixie cut will make any older lady look sexier and younger than her age making it possible for her to style it in lots of diverse ways and always look different. Pixie is a perfect cut for brave personalities. It’s a really convenient cut; nevertheless, it’s worth being aware of all its peculiarities, such as styling and maintenance. Modern pixie hairstyles gain in popularity with older women with each passing day making their look more eye-catching and extraordinary.

What’s So Special About The Cut

Pixie is a very short cut each hair strand of which has different length. It’s one of the simplest cuts for styling; there are no certain rules you should follow for creating a good everyday look. Usually, pixie is cut really short opening the neck and emphasizing facial features. It looks great on skinny women with a long neck. Nevertheless, a pixie can also be long enough if a lady wants to cut it with bangs.

The short cut is a catch for older women. The basic pros are:

  • it’s really easy to style it;
  • it always looks well-groomed and stylish;
  • it is possible to style the hair in lots of diverse ways or don’t style it at all looking fantastic anyway;
  • it makes women look younger than their age.

Choosing pixie, older ladies have to take their face shape and style into account for creating an unforgettable image since such a cut can either make a woman look brilliant or emphasize her wrinkles and crepey skin.

A pixie cut can be chosen by women with square or triangle face shape making them look more feminine and elegant. Such cut softens facial features and emphasizes all the good sides. Nevertheless, avoid doing such hairstyle if you have wide cheekbones or big chin; it will only ruin your image. Sidelong bangs and wavy stands will help you look great whenever you are – at home, at work, going on a trip or going to the party.

Short pixie with long side bangs makes the lady look much younger than her age. Such cut adds volume to the roots, while bangs emphasize all the good sides. Pixie without bangs is a perfect choice for women with oval face shape and chiseled features. It requires almost no styling – just use a dryer after washing your face, use mousse and style hair with the help of a round brush.

Curly pixie makes the look even more feminine and elegant, so consider cutting your hair short in case you have it curly.