5 Hairstyle Rules for Women Over 50

Beyond a certain age, most women want to look respectable but youthful. Aging gracefully is an art, and hair is an essential element of your image. If you are wondering how to choose a fresh style, you can find a few useful tips here. Follow the link for our recommendations, and you are sure to look modern and chic. This age is often referred to as the second youth, so be brave and enjoy your life to the fullest!    

There are many celebrities showing a good example of the 50+ look. Think of Madonna, Julia Roberts, or Kim Basinger. They prove that a lady can still look stunning whatever her age. Turning 50 is no reason for looking outdated and dull. Despite what the majority may think, in the 21st century the choice is no longer limited to short haircuts.

Follow the guidelines on the site for a modern look. The five main rules of cuts you find there are guaranteed to inspire!  

Hairstyle Rules:

  1. You do not always have to change

Some cuts are timeless and may be worn regardless of age. For instance, if you are used to pixies or bobs, keep on wearing those. An experienced stylist may add a few more layers to upgrade your look a bit. Graded cuts are also ageless.

  1. Simplify

If you are used to overly complex cuts and colors combinations, however, this might be the time to reconsider. The older you are, the simpler the style should be, according to experts. So opt for softer lines and cleaner cuts. Make sure your locks are kept away from the face and make sure your highlights do not look like zebra stripes. A proper cut should add to your grace and compliment your best features, not compete with them.

  1. Bangs make you look youthful

This is a fact, so use it to your advantage. There are numerous types of bangs out there, so choose the one that suits your texture and face shape. These could be wispy ones reaching your eyebrows, or soft side waves.

  1. Texture defines length

Human hair tends to get thinner with age, and fine hair means shorter length. Once again, pixies and bobs rule. Short-to-medium versions of layered styles could be further enhanced with added volume at the roots. If your hair is thick, go for layered cuts that are medium or long. In this case, you have maximum freedom, as almost anything will do, aside from the bobs and pixies: you could choose a straight, curly, or wavy cut.

  1. Coloring

Steer clear of overly dramatic transitions. Many women over 50 choose blond or caramel hues to hide the inevitable grey. In general, it is best to not go beyond a shade or two from your natural color. Surely, it is easier to maintain light shades. However, darker tones like dark chocolate, auburn, or burgundy, are suitable as well. if you do go for highlights, make sure they look subtle and not too contrasting –  just a couple of tones lighter.