Searching For A Fitting Cut And Hair Color

Hairdo flattering facial features makes overall image fantastic and striking. It’s not enough to just have well-groomed hair; its length and color also matter, since the fitting cut can emphasize your facial features and make your look fashionable. In this regard, you can turn to a stylist who will easily find you the right cut for creating an unforgettable image.

Choosing The Cut

First of all, determine your face shape. The basic shapes are round, square, oval, triangle, diamond and rectangle one. Each shape has to be emphasized with the right cut. Let’s figure out which hairdo will be right for one or another shape.

  • Square. Choosing a cut, give preference to layered one which will hide the jawline width. Select a cut emphasizing your forehead and ears. Don’t consider cutting bangs and parting your hair in the middle.
  • Rectangle. Give preference to the cuts adding volume. Hair has to hide the bottom of your face; you can also cut long, thick bangs.
  • Oval. You can choose any haircut you want to since every cut fits such face shape. If your face is too long, cut bangs to make it look shorter.
  • Diamond. Middle length cut will be a catch for women with such face shape, as well as you can also cut long and thick bangs.
  • Round. Bob will be a catch for ladies with such face shape; it will make the face look thinner and emphasize the cheekbones. Asymmetric bangs will also make the look stylish and eye-catching.

If you have soft facial features, then give preference to feminine hairstyles with curls. If you have strong features, then straight hair will be a catch for you.

How To Choose The Color

Color is one of the most essential things when it comes to creating an eye-catching look. It’s important to do a color analysis for finding the one matching you the most.

Summer. Cool skin undertone, blue, green-blue, grey-blue eyes. Blondes or brunettes. Choosing blonde with wheat undertones, you will create a perfect look. Highlighting will add volume and make the hair look glowy.

Spring. Warm skin undertone, golden hair, light clear eyes – these are the basic characteristics of a spring type. Golden blonde, copper dyes, light honey blonde, golden brown will be the best for you emphasizing your unique look.

Winter. Cool skin undertone, grey, blue, green or brown eyes. Give preference to dark colors: from brown to black.

Autumn. Warm skin undertone, green or blue eyes, dark hair. In such a case, dye your hair red, brown or honey blonde.