Bob Cut For 50-Year-Old Ladies

Bob is one of the most widespread cuts among women of all ages. It was invented by a dancer who cut her hair for convenience. Since then, bob cut has gained in popularity with millions of women from all over the world helping them create an eye-catching, unique look.

Cuts And Their Variations

Bob is a unique hairdo perfect for the ladies willing to cut their hair short. It doesn’t require much styling, as well as makes a more elegant and feminine look. It looks incredible with and without bangs, is perfect for any face shape and hair type. Bob is really popular with ladies over 50 due to its simplicity and no need to spend much time styling it.

The cut perfectly emphasized facial features, as well as able to soften the face shape and make the hair look glowy and well-groomed. Layered bob fits any face shape making older ladies look younger than their age.

  1. Long bob or lob will help the ladies create an incredibly stylish image due to asymmetry and messy layers. Asymmetrical cut always emphasizes cheekbones, so your facial features will be more sticking. You can vary the parting doing it in the middle, on the left or ride side. Layered bob with long side bangs will complete the image and help you easily style it.
  2. Medium length bob will make any lady look younger than her age. It’s functional and requires almost no styling. Shoulder length cut with asymmetric or long bangs is a catch for every woman willing to create an unforgettable, trendy image. Straight or messy medium length bob can be styled in just a few minutes using a dryer, straightened and a styling cream for fixing your hair.
  3. Short bob is a wonderful choice for ladies over 50. Such a cut will help you create a stylish, eye-catching look. It is usually cut straight around the head at about jaw-level, and can be complemented with straight, asymmetric or short bangs for creating a more interesting image. You can try styling it in lots of ways, and look different every day.

Bob can be cut on thick and thin hair, as well as it looks great on blondes, brunettes and women with other hair color. It can also be styled in multiple ways; you can look different in everyday life, at work and at the party. Just dry your hair, use some hair products and do whenever you want to – curl your hair, straighten it, put in a bun, etc.

Nowadays, there are lots of bob types you can try doing. Bangs will make an image more complete, as well as make you look younger than your age.