Short Haircuts for Older Women

As women get older, they still aspire to look modern and beautiful. It is both natural and realistic. Even at 50 or 65, there are multiple ways to create a fabulous image. Hairstyles are an essential element of style.

There is a good reason to keep up with the trends if you have an experienced stylist to consult. Aging gracefully is an art, but it is doable. So, do you have to modify your image when you are older? It depends.

Main considerations

If you are used to bobs or pixies, there is no urgent need for changes unless you feel bored. Try adding a few grades or sharper edges to accentuate your facial features. A few more layers are all it takes to boost volume and freshen up the look.

In all other cases, it is best to simplify and adjust the length depending on hair texture. No zebra highlights or bold colors. You should look chic and stately, not flamboyant.

Bangs make you look younger

Do not shy away from bangs, as they are a flattering feature for older faces. Just make sure they look neat. You could opt for bangs reaching your eyebrows, or just some soft waves on the side. Most importantly, consider the shape of your face first, as it determines the suitable shapes.  

Why go short?

Of course, your hair could still be thick enough for medium or even longer length. However, few women are that lucky. It is natural for human hair to get thinner as we age. This explains the popularity of layered cuts with enhanced volume. No limp locks allowed!

Here are a few popular bobs:

  1. Asymmetrical bob

Asymmetry and layering boost volume, and gentle highlights will further enhance the flattering effect. If you would like the cut to neatly frame your face, ask for shorter layers in the back with longer ones in the front.




  1. Blonde pixie

One of the most popular options for older women, pixies are incredibly easy to style, and they create a youthful look thanks to their subtle playfulness. A classic cut can be made more voluminous with the help of layering and choppy edges.




  1. Angled cuts

Angles will add sharpness to the edges, which focuses attention on the chin. Stunning and elegant on its own, the cut will look even better with balayage. This coloring technique creates layers of highlights that are natural-looking and graduated. Ash blonde is another possible option.



  1. Stacked-nape rounded bob

Round shapes are a classic short option for older women. Sophisticated and classy, they build up the volume around the crown of your head. The look needs to be blow-dried and styled with a round brush.




  1. Bouncy bob

The style looks interesting and energetic. Once more, volume means professionally-made layering. if your hair is straight, you could flip out the ends using a curling iron (the large barrel type).